Sunday, November 28, 2010

Panera Bread

So, Emily loves Panera bread. I think the food is ok, and go there cause I can eat anything and Emily is a little more picky so whatever. The food aside, the real reason I hate the place is the prices. They think they are some gourmet bistro or something with their prices. It's like $6.50 for a sandwich and a tiny pack of plain potato chips. The thing that really gets my goat is they charge extra for a drink!!! Who in the hell wants to eat a sandwich and some salty as hell potato chips without a drink. Who wants to eat a meal period without a drink!! I got a sweet tea with my meal today and it was $1.69!! Tea (drinks in general) are the cheapest thing you get when you eat out. They are making a killing off this crap. Haha, maybe in hindsight I should just shut up and buy stock in the place. The people in that place also get on my nerves. Yes they have free wi-fi but what are all these people doing on their computers!! I think they just have them out as a cool thing. Hey look at me over here writing a novel or something. Anyway, Lucy didn't sleep much last night and I have to play mister mom cause Emily is back to work tomorrow so I am out for now.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Been a while

So I haven't updated this thing in forever but I am bored so what the hell. Since last posting I have not only found out that I am having another child, but it is now due in about 3-5 weeks!!! We have moved to Florida and I am coaching a U-14 girls soccer team (this subject could take a few posts). While here I have been keeping Lucy full time while Emily is at work. It has its good days and bad days. I am desperately in need of some more guy time and doing more things I like to do. Too bad it seems that everything I am interested in (hunting, fishing, soccer, etc.) are hard to do with a 14 month old. Emily keeps Lucy some for me to coach soccer and play pick-up games once a week on Friday nights. I also get to occasionally sneak away to go spearfishing. Keeping Lucy is not hard per se but it has its moments. Today for example was a fairly normal but hectic day. Lucy has now learned to get behind my baby "fence" that protects my TV, PS3, speakers, and DVD collection. Yesterday I found her standing on my PS3 and today she pulled out all of my DVDs. She has also learned to open drawers. Today she has already pulled out all of her clothes twice, a lot of Emily's clothes, and all the clothes out of her dirty clothes hamper. She also decided to see what poop felt like when I changed her this morning. She decided to arch her back and reach around and put her hand all in her poop, that was about the consistency of soft clay and it got everywhere. I had to wash her clothes, changing pad, her hands, arms and legs and I had to take a shower. I know that homemakers do this sort of thing all the time but come on, I am a 27 year old man with a master's degree. I sometimes feel I am just stuck and not furthering myself. I know I am saving us money and it is better for me to be here than someone else. Hopefully I will survive until next April when we can move back to Athens and I can finish my PhD and go to work. That's all for now. Hopefully I will remember to update this thing every few weeks. Since I don't have a real job maybe it will happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jimmy Buffett

We are going to the Jimmy Buffett concert in April and I am excited!!!! It's in Tampa, where I have been to a Jimmy Buffett concert before, and it was the best one of the many I have been to. The tailgating area on the fair grounds so you don't have to tailgate on pavement and its a huge place. I hope the weather is good and everyone that we are going with gets along. It has to potential to be a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teaching this semester

This semester I start my first teaching assignment. I will be TA'ing Medical Entomology for the spring semester. I met with the professor and other TA today and learned that I am pretty much on my own. I am a little scared being my first teaching assignment and the fact that all the students are probably going to be pre med students. I run the lab by myself and have to make up and teach the class what we are doing each class. Should be fun once I get into the swing of things, but I will probably be nervous the first couple of times.
Other things that are going on is we are selling our house in Warner Robins as we are moving to Florida in April. I HATE MOVING!!!!! All the cleaning in order to sell our house is going to suck!! Also, showing people the house and going through all of the paperwork are things I am not looking forward to one bit. Good thing Emily is good at paperwork things.
Last new thing that I am doing is starting to work out again. Hopefully I can keep this up for at least half the year this time. The working out is not that bad, it's the running that I HATE!!! The main problem is that horribly boring. Watching TV and listening to music doesn't help one bit. I do it but I hate it. Hopefully I can get on a soccer team when we move to Florida so I can get my cardio workout without having to just run. I am tired of writing, thats all for now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, same old ideas

So, I am starting a blog. Not sure why, I can't write or spell but what the hell. So this is the first day of 2010 and what have I learned today.... Not much, since all I did was watch football all day and try to help take care of my daughter Lucy. My wife blogs and said I'll quit blogging after a month, so I have to go longer than that just to prove her wrong. I have a bunch of topics to touch on, most of them are things that piss me off/annoy me. I think my next post will either be on people driving too slow in the left hand lane, or college football teams I hate and why. I am sure that no one really cares what I think or will read my blog but hey you never know..........

Lata tater.....